The New Dragula 2 Exhaust
Chrome - $1065.00 | Black $1065.00

The pipe have a 10 year warranty on construction and 2 year on heat shield and muffler body.

Experience the Excellent Performance of The New Dragula 2 Exhaust

Things that are different are in The New Dragula 2 exhaust on the muffler. It sits in factory length or extends out by sliding muffler back and forth. This feature is first in the industry.

Muffler body will be longer for it is adjustable up to 4 inch bags extension. It can reduce more noise from the  sound pressure created by the engine.

The New Dragula 2 exhaust has less bends more tucked in what we call Double V bend. And you can get it with q 3.25 baffle in future.

Baffle choices are:

  • 2.55" Baffle 75 HP-145
  • 3.00" Baffle 125HP-220HP
  • 3.25" Baffle to come in future

Longer transition in internal core design in muffler and baffle body.

  • 16 gauge steel
  • Have 12 mm 18mm 02 bungs
  • Comes with top and bottom heat shields
  • Comes with billet end cap tips
  • Has 3 different baffles to chose from
  • Have Ceramic coating inside and out 4mls thick total

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