Fuel Management

For Better Mileage on the Road

Quality Injectors make a Difference

Cheap fuel injectors are bad for your bike. Not only do they tend to break down more frequently, which results in costly replacements, but they can also affect the smoothness of the ride you experience.

Allow us to custom build a fuel injector for your bike and never experience another problem again! We are skilled at creating injectors from 5.3 grams/sec to 13.00 grams/sec and everything in between.

Fuel Injector Prices

  • 4.9 G/S - $150.00 to $225.00
  • 5.3 G/S - $225.00
  • 5.6 G/S - $160.00
  • 5.8 G/S - $225.00
  • 6.3 G/S - $175.00 - $225.00
  • 8.69 G/S - $180.00
  • 0.00 G/S through 13.00 G/S or larger - $250.00
  • Custom built fuel rails to convert 48mm to 38mm - $160.00
  • Connectors Are $40.00

Drago's Bike Works is an Authorized Dealer for the following ECM Tuners:

Dyno Jet: Power Vision Tuner

Thunder Max EFI Tuners

TTS MasterTune

Drago's Bike Works specializes in tuning your motorcycle to reach it's optimist fuel & ignition mapping. We have our new 250 DynoJet dyno in-house ready to provide you with our expert tuning services.

Please contact us for specific pricing. Each tuner is priced differently, and there is an additional charge for dyno tuning.